Every project for us is unique and almost always implemented in the form of research. And it is clear because deep goal of every project is to find the truth, find the root cause of everything what happens on the object and explain the basic phenomena. In this path it is impossible to do without new ideas and hypothesis, without new models. A standard set of tools usually is not enough. Thus development of own software in which implemented the most interesting ideas, models and analytical solutions is a key growth factor.

Quick solutions

This software category is most important and perspective for our company. It includes the simulator on irregular cells (Voronoi cells) and optimization algorithm of choosing well function and optimization of oil pool perforation based on analytical solutions.

What was the cause of this category of software? First, detail models are strongly dependent of source data and often make bad forecasts.

Aziz K. said in his «Ten golden rules for simulation engineers»: “…increasing the number of computational units and components will not automatically lead to increase in the accuracy and reliability. Indeed, in some cases the opposite is true”.

Second, the technology of so-called accurate modelling does not allow correctly take into account the discontinuous distribution of reservoir properties. As a result, effect of pattern density of wells on the oil recovery index can not be measured.

Third, in conditions of high uncertainty of data calculations on the “quick” model could be in the confidence interval of accurate model. But in this case time costs of calculations could be less by two digits.

And forth, this time difference of calculations we can spend on taking into account stochastic properties of the reservoir and assessing risks of the data uncertainty.

Accurate solutions

This software category includes standard “black oil”-simulator with advanced opportunities for modelling fissure systems and also optimization algorithm of wells pattern which based on optimal control theory. Our company use this software to solve problems which require higher accuracy (for example, sector modelling).

Special solutions

This software category includes models of thermal treatment of wells, polymer flooding and model based on streamlines. Also it includes algorithm of controlled upgridding of geological models which allows to reduce the dimensionality of geological model with the representation of the spatial distribution of errors of cells coarsening.

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