For us mission is not just empty words. Mission is what drives us. It gives us energy for implementation of complex projects, creating new products, making discoveries. This is our assignment in this world.

Our ideas and solutions inspire people and awake power of subsoil

Actually, we always find solutions, which fully reveal natural potential of the oil pool.

“We are not afraid of difficult ways, but offer simple solutions”, – this is the motto of our company.


1998 – The founding of financial-independent laboratory in SibNIINP in Tyumen

We worked closely with Russian Academy of Sciences, universities, whereby we had in our team famous scientists, professors, talented students and post-graduates. There were many interesting difficult tasks, inspiring ideas and solutions. We have committed the most complex, knowledge intensive projects. We were able to create in the short time unique software for geological and hydrodynamic simulation, field-geologic analysis, modelling of hydraulic fracture and physicochemical methods.

Our courage sometimes seems to be close to derring-do, but it helped to create 3D-geological simulator “EUCLID”. This software was used for modelling about half of deposits of LUKoil – West Siberia.

2003 – The collapse of the team

In oil-gas industry there has been period of creating internal engineering departments in big companies. Some of us moved to Moscow, some of us stayed in Tyumen. We got important life lesson and new professional experience.

2007 – The founding of CONCORD

In 2007 we were completely ready to leave big companies, to lose our status and stable incomes and again to follow our own path. In fact, in 2007 our team revived again. People say that you could not step twice into the same rivers. Actually, the river has become different, but we are changed too, we have grown and became more experienced. One thing has remained the same – problems in our field do not become less and our desire to change is not waned over the years.

Today we have two offices: in Tyumen and in Moscow. Tyumen team is scientific centre of our company. Moscow team is mainly focused on the implementation of external projects connected with scientific and and technical maintenance of reservoir engineering.

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